Sunday 11 January 2009


I figured something out today. Out of boredom , of course.
I thought that I should make a New Year resolution.
Hold on, I need to think.

#1 - Be a mean person. I think I'm too nice.
#2 - Quit being a sour grape. 
          Though I know pretty well that it can't be stop, I will force myself to do so.
#3 - Be a more devoted Twilighter. Which translates into loving Twilight every single day.
#4 - Study harder and smarter. I cannot lie around all day anymore.
#5 - Lastly, I must dedicate a post to every birthday boy or girl I know.
          And, I must write a little something about them. At least, two lines.
          Regardless of whether I'm close to him or her.

So, to begin the last resolution, 


I know it's a little late.
But it's the thought that counts, right?

There, two lines. Done.

The side view. That's how slim it is.

The front view. Isn't the purple case cute?

I took this in the dark. I like this picture a lot.

 Omg, I love you so much.

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