Tuesday 6 January 2009


Oh, look what happened to me when my darn mind is idle. It’s not like it’s bad but it clearly shows that I had been thinking much as of late. I wrote a few haiku today out of sheer boredom.

First: Through the honey gold 
             I found a buried secret
             Perfect vampires.

If you had not been able to guess what it’s all about, it’s obviously what I’m smitten about right now. Twilight =).

The next one. Hint: It’s about how I feel about someone right now.

Second: You used to be my heaven
                  Now, the thought of you
                  Only makes me mad.

Third: It was hard at first
              But not in the end
              You were my personal hell.

Fourth: I used to love you
                I should know better
                It was never meant to be.

I’m sure you must be wondering who this one person is. Quit guessing. You will never be able to guess.

It’s not Edward Cullen by the way. I won’t be saying that about him. Never will I. =)

By the way, thank you Sheng for the present. I love it. =)

Dear Kar Man and Diane,

I know Edward's  cold but he's hot. So, quit with the brainwashing thing. 
It will never work.
Trust me.

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