Friday 30 January 2009

Chinese New Year-Fifth Day

Fifth Day.
Look at the pile of dishes I had to wash almost everyday of this Chinese New Year.
I'm sick of parties.



Excuse me, ah.
Can you tell your son not to be so rude, ah?
Hahaha. It was so funny that I laughed for almost half an hour.

Isn't he adorable? =)

My brother and Sean.
Water balloons.


Sean Darling.
He thinks that cameras are evil.

I look sleepy. Don't I?

Today was the best day.

Sean, Keane and Kah Lok wanted to play doctors.
So, I suggested that they do a mock case.

Kah Lok - Doctor

Keane - Ambulance driver who tried to KILL the casualty
Sean - Casualty

I was the first aider. Of course.
It was damn funny.
Keane tried to step on the casualty's face. OMG.
Kah Lok had the first aid kit and he just kept looking for something inside it.
The casualty was DYING and all this "doctor" could do was to dig his first aid kit.
At last, I gave up and tagged the casualty dead.

The End.

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