Wednesday 13 September 2017

Food: Ramen Goodness @ Solomen Cafe, SS2

If you're craving for some Japanese goodies, I have a great suggestion. I recently tried out a new establishment, serving up some ramen goodness at the busy township of SS2. Solomen Cafe is a modern themed cafe and a good workplace for those who are seeking a quiet place to get some work done.

For girls, it is also a perfect place for OOTD as they have a beautiful setting with white walls and chic interior.

Absolutely love how minimalist this shot is :)


Gyoza (6 pcs @ RM 11.90)

Fried Chicken Karaage (3 pcs @ RM 14.50)

Tonkatsu Pork Chop (RM 20.90)
Personally, this was my favourite appetiser. Golden brown, deep fried meaty pork chop served with a drizzle of lemon juice to enhance its flavour! I liked how it was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, just the right texture of pork chop.


Tenshimen (RM 16.90)

Kimchi Ramen (RM 19.90)
As a kimchi and ramen lover, this dish is a perfect match made in heaven for me. The kimchi was slightly sourish and coupled with the nourishing broth, plus the chewy ramen, this is what I'd imagine comfort food to be like. 

Negi Miso Ramen (RM 20.90)
Flavorful miso broth with your favourite ramen

Tonkatsu Ramen (RM 20.90)
Somehow, I still do prefer the original pork broth without any other fancy additions to it. 


Hokkaido Butadon (RM 22.90)

Shiogayaki Don (RM 21.50)

 Kimchi Fried Rice (RM 17.90)
I enjoyed this fried rice because it was fragrant and appetising. Perfect to have it on its own, this is definite a must order at this cafe.


Tiramisu (RM 11.90)

Cempedak Lover (RM 13.90)
This is a special dessert which is only available here. With cempedak chunks in between layers of cake, this is a local favourite which is worth trying. Enjoy this slice of cake with coffee!

Solomen Cafe
16, Jalan SS 2/24,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Opening Hours : Tuesday-Thursday (12pm-10pm) and Friday-Sunday (12pm-12am)
Phone Number: 016-289-9079

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