Friday 20 May 2016

Food: Ramadan Buffet with Imperial Chakri Palace Royal Thai Restaurant @ KLCC

For the upcoming holy month of Ramadan, what's better than to break fast with some authentic Thai cuisine @ Imperial Chakri Palace Royal Thai Restaurant? I'm always craving for some spicy Thai food, so when I had the chance to review this restaurant, I was ecstatic. I had high expectations for the food here and lay your eyes on those glorious, yummy buffet line!

A total of about 50 Thai specialty dishes were available and a rule for me is to always, ALWAYS, begin with an appetizer at any buffet. Don't gobble down the main course at buffet lines although that may appear to be the most tempting, always start small and slow with some appetizers first.


Glass Noodle with Seafood Salad

Wing Beans Salad

Mee Krob
Thai Crispy Fried Noodles

Aneka Jeruk

Mango Sticky Rice
This is one that's not to be missed. I've always heard people talking about how yummy this one is and this is honestly the first time I'm trying it for myself. Surprisingly, the rice was just the right texture, a little chewy but not too sticky at the same time. 


Nasi Beriani

Chicken Kapitan

Prawn with Butter Sauce

Massaman Beef

Steamed Fish with Lime and Chillies
This was one of my favourite dish of the night. Usually, when I dine out at Thai restaurants on regular days, I always made it a point to order this. 

It has always been a must-have at dinner table and this one didn't disappoint too much either. It was fragrant and not too spicy as well. But, I would prefer if they used other fresh water fish instead of dory fish.

Stir Fried Chicken with Sweet & Sour Sauce

Mixed Vegetables

 Satay and Ikan Bakar Stations

A hearty bowl of Tomyam soup which is a must have at every Thai buffet!


Beverages - Soyabean and Sugarcane

Banana in Coconut Syrup

Thai Red Ruby

Kuih Muih

 The Ramadan Buffet prices @ Chakri Palace KLCC is 

RM 91.90 for adult 

RM 47.90 for children 6-12 years old/Senior Citizen.

 The Ramadan Buffet prices @ Chakri Palace Pavilion is 

RM 79.90 for adult 

RM 39.90 for children 6-12 years old/Senior Citizen.

For Reservations and enquiry, please call 016 2277 182 or visit online booking.

You can buy Online now for the Early Bird Offer by visiting:

Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine

Suria KLCC Tel: 2382 7788 / 016 - 2277 182
Pavilion KL Tel: 2143 1141/ 016 - 2277 182

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