Saturday 3 October 2015

Daily: MyOrtho Understanding What Your Feet Needs: How Healthy Is Your Feet?

Your feet are the foundation of your body. Taking good care of them is simple and is an essential part of your health. The greatest concern among the Malaysian population these days are the unbelievable amount of flat feet you find in adult or even children. 

Having flat feet means your body normal posture and alignment is affected. In return, your body compensates to maintain equilibrium and balance with some of your muscles overworking in certain region. This is the reason why individuals with flat feet tend to have associated knee pain or back pain with the condition. 

MyOrtho offers biomechanical assessment to evaluate muscle strength and range of motion of the joints in your lower limb. There is usage of video analysis to examine your walking manner as well. After that, you can opt to have a customised orthotics (shoes insoles) to correct your feet problem.

Foot Assessment to determine your foot type and the distribution of weight in your foot region.

The different types of foot you can have.

Some of the orthotics on display at the talk

For those who experience heel pain, bunions, high arch feet, knee pain, knocked knees or bow legs, you should consider orthotics therapy from MyOrtho as well.

MyOrtho provides customised orthotics which are made to the specific requirement of your feet and they use plaster or 3D Scan cast of your feet. Off the shelf insoles are cost effecttive but they fit the 'average' person and may not necessarily be the right choice for your feet.

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