Tuesday 6 October 2015

Daily: Digital Perm @ Hareta Hair Studio, Desa Sri Hartamas

I have always wanted to perm my hair, in fact, I wanted to do it a few months ago. But, since I've been so busy lately with other reviews, I've put off the idea for countless times. Well, that wasn't entirely the sole reason, but I've heard so much about how difficult it is to maintain your hair after perming.

The common misconception we get is that we think that our hair will tend to dry off and end up as a frizz mess after perming. But, this is not the case if you actually do regular treatments weekly to take care of your crowning glory. 

So, I finally decided to get my hair permed last week and I had it done at the newly relocated Hareta Hair Studio @ Desa Sri Hartamas. My hairstylist, Jay was very welcoming and I really liked the atmosphere at the saloon as it was very calming and relaxing. I was surprised as there were so many customers at the saloon although it was mid day during a weekday.

Here at Hareta, they use a Japanese brand known as Arimino.

The arrangement and layout of the salon

The comfy waiting area

Jay first analysed the condition of my dry and fluffy hair and advised the best hairstyle for me. I wanted a perm so, he showed me a book of different perm hairstyles for mid length hair. I wanted to maintain the length of my hair because its been some time since I last grew my hair out.

This was the style which we both agreed on :) 

Jay suggested that he would start off with a layering cut because I needed a hair cut so badly.

Next was the pre-treament which was applied all over my hair to prevent chemical damage. After that, a softening chemical was added to my hair. This step was necessary to allow the chemical to penetrate deep into my hair. Basically, you need a softening chemical to alter your hair structure in order to have permanent curls and Jay used the Arimino Cosme Cream for that. I had some wavy, frizzy hair on top of my head so, it was iron out first before perming. It was almost like they rebonded the hair on top and curled the ones below.

I look like a robot with ice cream sticks in my hair. The sticks were placed to prevent the rubber bands from leaving marks on my hair.

My hair being permed using the digital perm machine and it was a total of 15 mins heating time.

Applying another layer of lotion to fix the curls

To make sure my hair wasn't damaged by the perming chemicals, there was a second treatment which was done.  It is known as the Super Sonic hair treatment with Arimino Caretrico. This treatment originates from Japan and it is supposed to penetrate deep into hair cuticles for repair purposes.

Tada! The shiny, healthy curls after all those :) Oh yeah, I know my hair looks a little brown in this picture but this is my real hair colour. 

My before and after pic! What do you guys think? I find the curls so natural and sweet, just like what I imagined it to be. Oh, from this picture, you can see that my hair length is more or less the same.

A mandatory selfie with my new, beautiful curls from Hareta!

Oh yeah, if you plan to perm your hair, make sure you're ready to religiously do a weekly hair treatment to pamper your locks. This is to retain the moisture in the curls and it's important to remember to put oil on your hair every time after washing.

I really love the people at Hareta, they were so professional throughout the 3 hours I was there. You even get a complimentary tea and some nice music too :) A huge thanks to Jay for your incredible work!

For those who would like to get a new hairdo at Hareta, check out the address and contact details below:

Hareta Hair Studio
No. 8 Ground Floor,
Jalan 25/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas.

Phone Number: 03-6201 0232
FB: Click here!

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