Sunday 11 May 2014

Daily: 1st Blogger Engagement Party @ Domino's Setia Alam

Domino's had been a common name in the fast food industry, especially among the younger generations. Yes, you probably guessed it right, with so many events and parties to organise, the easiest and most hassle-free food would definitely be pizzas!

I have always enjoyed Domino's pizzas due to their generous amount of toppings and cheese. Service at their outlets are usually top notch and despite having so many flavours to choose from, my personal favourites are the Aloha Chicken and Classified Chicken.

Anyway, let's skip to the gist of this post. For the first time in Malaysia, Domino's invited a bunch of bloggers for their engagement party mainly to introduce new pizza flavours on their menu in conjunction with the highly anticipated football event in Brazil!

Football and pizzas are like a perfect match and can never be set too far apart from each other. So, here are some choices of Smoky Blended BBQ Pizzas for those football junkies out there!

Meatasaurus (Fan Favourite)
This pizza has Beef Pepperoni, Ground Beef and Fresh Mushrooms, definitely the perfect combination for meat lovers like me! 

Smoky Beef N' Chick
I enjoyed this as well because despite the green peppers inside, I couldn't really taste them so I was alright with it. This combination includes some chicken sausages and ground beef as well :) This was served on the Cheese Burst Double Decker crust and the first bite was like a trip to heaven and back for me. Haha.

Smoky Pepperoni & Mushroom
Oh, this was definitely heavenly! I'm a huge fan of mushrooms and pepperoni so this flavour would be my new personal favourite!

This was quite good as well and it had roasted chicken, chicken pepperoni and mushrooms inside. 

Chocolate Lava Cake
I remembered trying this cake sometime back but it was too sweet for me. However, I decided to give it another chance and tried it yesterday. Unlike my first experience, it tasted like comfort food since it was slightly warm and the chocolate was extremely rich.

So, here's the good news guys! To those of you who are dying to head to Brazil to watch the football match live, there's a contest by Domino's for you guys to try your luck.

Click here for more information!

So that's it lovelies! I had so much pizzas yesterday, I think I wouldn't crave for them in a long time already. 

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