Thursday 11 July 2013

Food Review @ Zakuro 2, The Scott Garden

I've never been much of a fan of Japanese cuisine until I've tried Zakuro 2. To be honest, I'm alright with sushi and maki but that's it. Raw fish slices were not my favourite as well and I didn't really liked wasabi too.

But despite all that, I decided to try Zakuro 2 out, in the hope that I would have a liking towards Japanese food. We reached just in time for lunch and it was almost packed. Seems like this is a really popular spot among the locals. There was a short briefing done and this outlet has been around since 1997. It used to be located opposite Citibank in town.

Anyway, we didn't wait long before the food was served. So, here goes!

Soft Shell Crab Maki
Doesn't this look good? There were soft shell crab and crabsticks inside. Rice was used to wrap both the ingredients. I thought that there were too much mayonnaise in this and although the rice was too starchy for the rest, I liked it that way. The soft shell crab was also crunchy as you bit into it.

Sashimi Moriawase
A seafood platter with various cuts of raw fish or sashimi in this case. I thought that the fish slices should be thinner such that it was more of bite size rather than in chunks.  The prawn was fresh and smooth though.

Dragon Roll
This was my favourite of the day. This had tempura inside and avocado toppings which complimented it well.  It was definitely savoury and the rice was just nice, not too starchy. I think I could eat 10 pieces of this because it was honestly good :)

Salad Roll
For all the vegetarians out there! This is just crispy letuuce wrapped with seaweed. I'm not a big fan of salad, so one was enough for me.

Scallop Chawan Mushi
This egg custard was so smooth and silky that it melts once you put a spoonful in your mouth. It was flavorful and I think I tasted miso in this. The scallop was very chewy, enhancing the taste of this dish. I think this is definitely the best chawan mushi I've ever tasted.

Sashimi Salad
Raw sashimi with fruits and mayonnaise is never a good idea. I didn't liked this very much because I think the combination of fruits and sashimi wasn't blended well.

Salmon Salad
This had salmon in different styles, raw, cooked and fried. I particularly enjoyed the crispy and juicy salmon skin which was fried. Although it was a little oily, it would be good as an appetizer. 

Gindara Mentaiko
Fried cod fish covered in batayaki sauce and fish roe. This tasted like fish and chips at first and it was too salty as well. But I liked how the fish roe compliments the cod fish. The flavour was rich and I think it would be better if we had this with rice.

I've always been disgusted by the thought of eating eel but I decided to give this a try. I didn't regret it. This had a slight hint of sweetness and although it wasn't meaty, it was savoury. I would say it was a good comfort food.

Mentaiko Yaki
I previously had a bad experience with udon so I've always been skeptical about it. I tried a small portion of this and the mushroom essence complimented the dish. The cod roe blended well and it wasn't so bad after all. 

Basically, the ambience was very comfortable and service was pretty efficient as well. This marks the end of my Japanese experience at Zakuro 2. Looks like I'll be trying more of Japanese in the near future.

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  1. Yeah, I do visit Zakuro 2 Japanese Cuisine last week and definitely the food there is fresh and nice.