Saturday 20 July 2013

Food Review: The Journey Cafe @ Setiawalk, Puchong

Once again, another cafe at Setiawalk, Puchong. We headed out pretty early because we were afraid of the Saturday jam. My expectations on this cafe were quite high because I thought they had a great concept, cosy place with good food. I looked through their Facebook before going since I was curious if they had pastries which are my all time favourite. It seemed that they were more famous for gelato and breakfast instead.

Anyway, ta-da, we reached! It isn't that difficult to find compared to the last time I went there for another food review. The ambience was perfect for couples out on a date or friends who are looking for a place to hangout.

Anyway, let us skip to the point of this post. The food.

Fried Button Mushrooms. 
Don't they look so cute? Yes, the size was a little too huge compared to our regular button mushrooms. I think they should reduce the batter for this and make it less oily.

Chicken Bruschetta.
Baguette with small chicken chunks. The tomatoes were fresh but the baguette was soggy by the time I ate it. The chicken was flavorful though. The baguette was a little too buttery for me.

Swedish Meatballs.
There wasn't enough binding for the meat and this was way overfried. It actually tasted burnt. Even the sauce could not help it. Disappointing dish.

European Continental.
Bacon and sausages are my favourite food for breakfast. The bacon was pretty good but the sausages were a little too oily. Mushrooms were fresh and the baked beans are scary, can you believe they were the size of kidney beans?

Soft Shell Crab Spaghetti.
Although this was a tad bit spicy, it was very tasteful and the sweetness of the tomatoes could be tasted in the spaghetti. I only managed to get one bite of this and the soft shell crab was quite crispy as well.

Scandinavian's Delight.
Smoked salmon on baguette toast and poached eggs. This dish was a little messy because as you cut it, the poached egg yolk will drenched your whole toast. It becomes soggy and distasteful. However, the salmon is pretty good.

This was a little special than your regular lasagna. They had cream cheese all over and it was too milky for me. I had one small bite and I didn't want it anymore. The bolognese sauce inside was dry and the meat were so little that i couldn't even taste it. In terms of taste, it was pretty bland.

New Zealand Lamb Grill with Mint Yogurt Sauce.
I love eating lamb but when this arrived, the smell was so strong that i think it overpowered the real taste of lamb. The lamb meat was well grilled though. But, the smell was still too pungent for me.

Tenderloin Steak.
This was medium done and I usually prefer mine well done. However, it was so good, extremely juicy and bursting with flavor the moment i bit into it. This was definitely the best steak I've ever tasted so far. It was well seasoned with salt and pepper.

Lamb Shank.
The aroma from this dish was so enticing. The meat was a bit tough but it was generally okay. Definitely delectable and flavorsome!

New York Cheesecake.
The cake was so strong and rich. The crust at the base of the cake was a bit salty and went well with the cake. The taste was piquant as you continue eating it. This cake had that zest I've always been looking for in cheesecakes.

The Gelato.
I tried almost all the flavours and the Calamansi was so sour. Definitely too intense for me. But, I'd recommend to try the Strawberry Frogurt because it was so smooth, just like how gelato is supposed to be.

Well, that marks the end of this food review. I think I'm reminded of how much I used to love eating Western food.

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