Sunday 12 February 2012

Looking For Room To Let?

Hey lovelies! It’s been long since my last blog post and as most of you know, I’m pretty busy with the upcoming projects in my college. Nevertheless, I still have a life like everyone out there J So, I was “destressing” while surfing the net yesterday and I stumbled upon this website called iBilik.

I mean, as I started browsing the website, I was a bit bored because I wasn’t in need of a room to let. I’m living in a perfectly comfortable environment, so unless my parents were to kick me out of the house, I wouldn’t need to be on a look out for rooms.

Well, anyway, I started looking through again and somehow, I think it may be quite useful for budget travellers or those who would like to study in other countries such as Singapore, Indonesia and Phillipines. All you need to do is register and you can start searching. Now, doesn’t that seem easy? It’s so cool that you can just sit a t home and get a room before you actually arrive at the place. At least, you don’t have to fly there and start searching there and then. You’re not even sure you would be able to get a room too.

So, this site saves up most of your time and it’s safe as well. Me likey all these fuss-free methods of getting what you want done. Not only that, but for those who would rent out their spare rooms, here’s the one stop place for you to do so. Judging by the number of views they have for all the posts, I think that it has a pretty high traffic and is well-known. So to those out there who would like to look for a place and don’t know where to start, head over to the link above and get started! You might even get lucky and strike a cheap deal :)

That's all, till next time ^^

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