Tuesday 3 January 2012

Sky High Dreams with Lipice :)

Hey Lovelies! I just heard about Lipice Blog Contest from their FB page here :

I thought since I love LIPICE so much, it is basically my necessity before I go to college every day. I don't think i can ever leave house without the gloss, or else i will have cracked lips which will definitely not look pretty :(

Plus, it makes my lips shiny and smells good, what else can get better than that?

Anyway, here's the gloss I couldn't live without, in case you were wondering :

Presenting, the LIPICE color gloss <3

Me and my lovey lip gloss ^^


Anyway, I recently went on a trip to Korea a.k.a my DREAMLAND, since as you guys know, i'm super into K-pop and Super Junior is obviously the best ^^

The weather there was pretty harsh and dry as it was the start of winter there. The air was humid and when the wind blew, you are literally frozen. But guess what, I was glad, actually SUPER HAPPY that i brought my saviour to Korea.

Now, presenting to you *drum rolls*


The LIPICE Color Lip Balm!

Credit to KBF for the picture, i wanted to show everyone the colours :)

I brought the Pretty Pink one to Korea and during those snowy days where it was as drying as ever, all i needed to do was to apply this lip balm on my lips to prevent them from cracking. I knew that my face needs to be properly moisturised before I step out of the hotel but to me, my lips were as important as that too. I feel complete after applying LIPICE color :) After that, i could just go about enjoying Korea without needing to worry that i probably looked like a zombie with terrible lips HAHA

Plus, Korea is the city where only the fashionable is able to survive, with makeup stores at every inch of the city. Just like in Myeongdong ^^

Look at how much this looks like a dreamland LOL

With that, I would like to say that LIPICE is the best companion ever throughout my trip in Korea and I don't know what i would do without it *haha so dramatic i know right*

But, thanks to LIPICE, i had a great trip in Magical Land without needing to worry or fuss over dry lips :)

Till next time,


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