Tuesday 8 March 2011

The Eagle - Movie

Okay, The Eagle, the first time I read about it, I was pretty clueless what it was about.

To be honest, The Eagle sounds like a documentary or probably something on NatGeo. Pardon me for that. Then, i read the summary which lead me to the thought that it was just some boring show on wars and generals etc. But, somehow, I went on to watch the trailer as well and was taken aback by how mesmerising the trailer was. For a good 2 minutes, I couldn't set my eyes off it. =)

Put aside the good looks of Channing Tatum, this movie seems to be one on the MUST WATCH list with all the endless action and plus it's about Rome. I've always been curious about Rome's rich history and all the myths related to it, I find it very interesting somehow. =)

The details are as below. Take a look! =)

Movie Screening Details with Advertlets

Venue : Tropicana City Mall
Time : 8.00 pm
Date : 22 March, Tuesday
Hall : 10 (100 Seats)

The link! =)

Okay, super duper excited for the screening =)

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