Saturday 8 January 2011


Deactivated. You're hit!

Okay, I have so much to say about today! I sound like some overexcited kid. It started out kind of bad, thanks to the *insertnamehere* sickness. But, Galactic Laser with the rest of Advertlets bloggers was awesome. =D Look, I haven't had this much fun since prom, so I am not to be blamed for being super excited. But, the staffs there must really like this particular Korean group. Well, it was just their music videos the whole day. It sure reminds me of someone, awkward really.

But the missions were fun except for the first one where I was completely blur on how to use the laser gun and ended up the last. Super sad. But, in the next one, I was third. Score! So, that kind of made up for the terrible loss in the first one. Teehee =D It's really nice especially when you're at a face off with your 'enemies" and the lights on their laser jacket goes off first. Super duper awesome feeling! =)

I only have one picture which is sadly grabbed from Carmen Hong.

Damn, I wanna go back there.

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