Tuesday 20 October 2009

Tharine's Deepavali Party.

Who said we were the oh-so-not united people? It’s been so long since I last went to Tharine’s house. The last time was in Standard 6, I think. Anyway, as usual, I reached early at 6.30 pm. There was no one there yet, even Tharine was still upstairs. I think I saw Siew Jin’s brother in the other hall but I thought it wasn’t him because Siew Jin wasn’t there. Yeah, then, the Almighty Derrick came. Surprise, surprise. I actually thought he wouldn’t come.

Derrick’s new obsession : Teh Kean Loong =)

The next group of people to arrive was Niro, Kean Loong, Sandra and Zhengkang. Soon, everyone started pouring in and it was awesome. You can’t blame me, I have not been partying for an unbelievably long time. So, camwhoring time!

S and her very seductive pose! =)


The early birds catches the first "worm". =)

Val the MONKEY! Why is she the monkey anyway? Lol.

Dearest Tharine!

Derrickindle =)

Qis and I.

The "ollies". Haha. Diane and I.

Talk about lame. =O

The insult master, Sim!

Emilyyyyyy and I.

Pui Yi, Viv, Sandra, Zhengkang (who is covering his face) and Mr Lame.

The ultimate "staircase" gang!

Hashwinee and I.

Diane and I.

Zhengkang and I. This is a VERY clear picture!


Tkl and Val.

This is like so cool!

Part-ay People.

* Here comes the highlight*

*Look at our expressions*

This is so St.John's.

*point here, point there, point everywhere*

Sallay and I.

Sheng in his white BAJU!

Yeah, I’m starting to really love cameras. This Saturday, we have to take pictures!

By the way, you have to teach me some Korean stuff. It’s so pathetic that the only Korean thing I know is KIMCHI (woot!) and Princess Darling Hours. (double woot!)

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