Friday 31 July 2009

Seventeen Sexy Sister.

You were there since the day I was born.

You stood by me on my darkest days.

You love to quarrel with me. =)

You pointed out every single mistake I made whether intentional or unintentional.

You know almost everything about me.

You love scolding me when I asked you questions. I wonder how long it will go on.

You are my competition and the subject of comparison.

You made me rely on you too much sometimes. I repeat, sometimes.

You thought I became rude.
NOT true.

You are the future accountant.

You stayed up with me on the nights I had problems.

You are the likeable one among teachers, not that I'm
not likeable.

You were never pessimistic and being optimistic is naturally in you.

You have many certificates.
That's not fair.

You are the photographer with undeniably professional skills.

You are my dearest, one and only SISTER.

This is undeniably the best picture of our sisterhood.

I worked really hard for this.
Running here and there.
YOU better appreciate it.

After seventeen years.


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