Saturday 11 July 2009

Say Eat and Need.

Life is A Maze, Love is A Riddle

True enough. But, I am damn sure that there were times in which I got lost in the maze. Twice at the very least. I have got lost in the maze. Nevertheless, I always find my way out. A fact, not myth obviously. Often enough we blame others for mistakes we had done. That’s exactly where we had gone wrong. Never be afraid to admit it. I’m not bias, I’m just stating the obvious. I had been self obsessed almost all my life, not major but still a hint. I am self conscious and because of that, I fell down the stairs which doubled the embarrassment. Imagine the horror of falling. But, I am glad I did fell on that day because I realized it’s not just about me every single time from that. It’s more about us, the world and others. Love is a riddle, damn. I am bad at them. But, nevertheless, I consider myself lucky. Thank the years I had been trying to finish crossword puzzles and solving riddles. Mind you, I have never finished them.

Horror to Horny

Dear people, who reads my blog, who agrees that Monster. Inc is a great show? I really need to watch it desperately. So, if any of you would be an angel or Good Samaritan, what the hell =0 I’m not dying yet, you know what I mean. Who remembers little Boo? Adorable don’t you think? Although she’s fictional, it doesn’t matter. We shine from within, so, don’t be superficial. I’m amazed how I realized so many little things lately. It’s about time I mature. =)

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