Sunday 4 February 2018

Shop: Affordable & Cute Goodies @ TOKUYA, Plaza Arcoris Mont Kiara

Just in time for CNY, I discovered an all-in-one Japanese store which carries wide ranges of products from stationeries, household, health and beauty items. You can find good quality and unique Japanese items at TOKUYA, Plaza Arcoris Mont Kiara, check out what I've gotten for myself below.

I love shopping here, because of the artsy decorations and modern vibes this place have. 

Love the wooden interior!

Check out the amazing variety of products available. I was spending so much time here, choosing and figuring out how to use each item.

Some featured products you can find at pretty affordable prices. 


I really needed a new mouse, and I'm so lucky I found one in pink! It's my favourite color and looks so aesthetically appealing. 

A special hair towel I can use for my hair spa too. The thing I like about TOKUYA, is that there are so many items which are versatile and funky, you will definitely find something you need there.

The cutest egg timer ever! I can't wait to try it out soon :)

GUESS WHAT? I actually got all these items for just RM 100, I think I've gotten quite a good deal and worth every cent spent. I'd really recommend everyone to come and shop here for new CNY goodies.

LG1_06&07 Plaza Arcoris, Mont Kiara

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