Saturday 25 February 2017

Daily: Dreamy Weddings with Ivory White Bridal

Those who know me well will know how much I love weddings. To me, weddings are sacred and holy. It's an occasion where two individuals who love each other deeply come together as one. What I like most about weddings are the angelic feel of the intricately designed wedding dresses. I had the amazing opportunity recently to try out some of these wedding dresses (yes, I was excited and ecstatic just at the thought of being able to fulfil one of my childhood dreams which is to wear these beautiful wedding dresses and just parade around like a fashion show!) at Ivory White Bridal.

Some of the evening dresses to choose from for any occasion; be it prom, graduation or even to attend wedding dinners.


I just love how puffy and Cinderella style this dress was! 


For those opting for a more traditional wedding dress, you can find them at Ivory White as well. 

You will love Ivory White Bridal, this place is large but yet, cosy at the same time so you can search for your ideal wedding gown here. Their gowns are from various designers and there are many styles to choose from, regardless whether you are the conservative type or the daring one. They do your makeup and hairstyle here as it all comes in a package. You can have your pre-wedding shoot done with them and even rent the gowns for your actual day. Mel transformed me into a 'bride' for the day with her awesome hairstyling and makeup skills. I really like how detailed she was in making sure everything is neat and balanced.

I love this kind of braid!

The final product of the up-do for a clean and tidy look. 

This hairstyle is perfect if you are trying to achieve a more matured look and the dress you've chosen covers up your shoulders area.

I really like both the hairstyle Mel did for me, the up-do gave me a more sophisticated look while the one-sided hair do was more feminine, similar to my style.


In my opinion, if you have small shoulders like myself, you should opt for a more conservative style which covers the shoulder area. This piece was my favourite of the day, by the way. 

It was very comfortable, and looks fitting on me.

This was one of my favourite of the day too. I never thought tube style wedding gowns would suit me so well. For those who are worried that it may be uncomfortable to wear this type of  gown, that is definitely not the case. 

This piece had a beautiful long train which is perfect for a march in and it wasn't loose at all on me. I could dance and twirl around without worrying it may fall,  as you can adjust how tight the dress is with the ribbon on the back.

For those who dream of a Cinderella style gown in baby blue, this piece here is definitely for you!

 Here, I'm getting excited and happy being surrounded by tulle and dreamy gowns! Living my little girl dream of trying out these beautiful wedding dresses :)

Thanks Mel and Jason for the amazing experience with Ivory White Bridal. If you planning on getting married soon, I highly recommend that you check this place out and consult them on the packages they offer. 

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