Friday 5 February 2016

Daily: Sunway Lagoon Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon Media Launch

Discover a hidden world covering ten acres of lush tropical rainforest within a jungle previously “lost” to the public! This is now a reality as Sunway and Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) announce the opening of the first Nickelodeon themed attraction in Asia, Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon at Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia.

When I heard that there was a new part of Sunway Lagoon, the child in me was ecstatic because I absolutely love theme parks and Sunway Lagoon is one place where I had a whole lot of childhood memories. A new part of the park means more rides and attractions to me. Now, that itself was enough to get anybody hyped up!

Such a hot day, I can barely open my eyes :) Well, at least, the weather was great!

Welcome to Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon!

The view from the Lakeside when we reached the area

Met a little pony from the Wildlife Park

A few shots of the new park, Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon while waiting for the media launch to begin

No stone was left unturned in the creation of the Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon which boasts 14 immersive attractions, some of which are themed with Nickelodeon's hit properties, including SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Visitors to Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon can expect an exhilarating experience thanks to interactive play areas, which use the latest in reactive technology in addition to a daily signature slime events, a variety of waterslide rides, retail shops, games and a myriad of food service establishments and more.

“Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon will enable kids and families in Malaysia and around Southeast Asia to connect with our brand and Nickelodeon’s iconic characters in a unique and meaningful way that will further deepen their relationship with Nickelodeon,” said Mark Whitehead, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Viacom International Media Networks Asia. “Sunway Lagoon’s expertise has made them an ideal partner and we are delighted to make it Nickelodeon’s Asia debut as we further expand the Nickelodeon brand in the region.”

There are 3 unique ride experiences; BOA Constrictor, Cobra Creek and Crocodile Gully. My personal favourite is the BOA Constrictor which features tons of twist and turns, with a part that drops giving you a free fall sensation.

Jungle Fury
A family ride for all! This is like a mini Vuvuzela ride as you g through surprise drops and turns for wholesome family fun :)

Monsoon 360
This ride allows you to experience the sensation of zero gravity as the ground caves in, literally. Hug yourself as you fall at a speed of up to 60kph in under 2 seconds. 

Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon opens to the public on February 3, 2016. The opening hours will be from 10:00am to 6:00pm every Monday to Sunday. Enjoy the many attractions on offer at RM150 for those aged 12 years and above, and RM120 for those below the age of 12.

More information can also be obtained at Sunway Lagoon’s Facebook page:  or by calling the park at +603-5639 0000.

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