Sunday 24 January 2016

Daily: Code Name FOX Breakout Room Media Launch @ Nu Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

I had my very own little adventure last Friday at the media launch of Code Name: FOX Room @ Breakout, Nu Sentral. Your favourite series from FOX now comes alive where you and your friends can go on an undercover mission as part of the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) under the orders of Howard Stark, to investigate an off-limits zone where crucial information is contained about extra-terrestrial life.The amount of 'secret agents' can be from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 8 at one time. Personally, the golden rule for me is the more the merrier, and there's nothing bad about having more brains to solve some of the puzzles in the room.

To try out this uniquely themed room, be sure to set a date between 23rd Jan-23rd Feb 2016 as this room will only be available for a month. For the uninitiated. the game lasts for about 45 minutes with a 15 minutes briefing at the start by the game master. The props and printing in the room definitely gave the feel and enhance the whole experience.

Breakout is not your conventional escape room game. Our various themed rooms are individually crafted and designed to provide players with mind-boggling puzzles and tasks to be completed within 45 minutes. In line with our objective to provide a surrealistic and immersive movie-like ‘escaperience’ to our players, we are pleased to embark on this exciting collaboration with FOX International Channels, in celebrating the return of The X-Files and other popular shows. We want to inject a little spark of adventure into the lives of the players, and offer them a new and immersive way to experience their favourite TV shows,” said Mr. Leo Ka-Wai, Head of Consumer Marketing & Public Relations, Breakout Malaysia.

Some exciting things you can win from the games are:

One Weekly Winner to be chosen based on the fastest time to win exclusive Same Day As The U.S. merchandise

One Grand Prize Winner to be chosen from Weekly Winners to win Exclusive FOX HD Merchandise worth RM 800.00


Read on for my full experience of Code Name FOX because I've tried out the full version with my friends over the weekend.

I would definitely say that this is one of the toughest, yet mind boggling escape experience I've ever felt. There are certain puzzles in the game which really requires logic and having great teamwork helps. We did asked for up to a total of 3 hints because we really couldn't figure out some codes in the rooms. 

Our game master, Kelvin was the best and he made the game so fun with all the explanations he gave at the start which got us all excited for the game! Code Name FOX is basically a mission to find a cure at the end and escape the place before the 45 minutes run out.

There were characters with specific powers, so you can choose and assign among your team members before heading into the room. I was the Oracle previously where I was required to memorise the clues given. This time around, I chose to be the Timebender and I could request for extra 7 minutes if we couldn't escape within the given time.

In the end, after figuring out all the puzzles and codes in the rooms, we managed to complete the game and found the cure in a mere 40 minutes! Great news, we were the 1st Place for this week :) Who knows, we could be so lucky that we might end up winning some merchandise as well.

Wanna challenge us? Head to Breakout today and escape from Code Name FOX, just like we did.

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