Saturday 26 September 2015

Food: La Casa @ Verve Suites, Mont Kiara

Looking for a cosy and homey place to chill over the weekends? Head over to La Casa @ Verve Suites, Mont Kiara for that ultimate home cooked meal you've been craving for.

La Casa is a restaurant nestled in the busy township of Mont Kiara which serves Western & Italian cuisine and offers a wide range of cakes as well as pastries to choose from. It's an ideal place even if you would like to enjoy a cup of coffee for tea time. 

Oh, by the way, the baristas here serve up some of the best artisan coffee! They cultivate healthy eating here at La Casa and their food is home made without any artificial flavourings or MSG added. The founder, Miss May is originally a web designer, turned restaurateur as she aims to serve hearty meals with friendly service at her restaurant.

The selection of pastries available.

Oh, those heavenly cakes and desserts on display!

A very casual and comfortable dining area.

The woody furnishings matched their concept of serving food in its purest form. 


Latte (RM 11.00)

Kiwi Juice (RM 11.00)
This was as fresh as drinking the fruit itself. Their juices are pure and not watery unlike some other places which I've tried before.


Granola Muesli with Yogurt (RM 22.00)

This healthy combination of toasted grain, nuts, seeds & dried fruits served with seasonal fresh fruits, honey & homemade yogurt is an ideal breakfast to start your day. This fibre packed meal is a great choice for weight watchers like myself too.

Breakfast Gnocchi (RM 28.00)
Homemade gnocchi with pesto, spicy Italian chicken sausage, egg cocotte & wild rocket with parmesan & balsamic dressing. They make their own sausages here from scratch by the way. I enjoyed their toast bread very much because it was very buttery, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Egg lovers will love this egg cocotte! Soft and creamy, the perfect comfort food :)

One Pan Breakfast (RM 32.00)

Choice of homemade chicken, Spicy Italian chicken or beef sausage served with turkey bacon, roasted cherry tomatoes, sauteed mushroom, roasted potatoes, baked bean, sunny side up, wild rocket & toast. All goodness in one pan and well, you can enjoy a balanced  breakfast of carbs, protein and fibre here.

Truffle Scramble Eggs with Waffles (RM 23.00)

The egg was a little too peppery for me and I didn't like the truffles which was added inside. I guess its an acquired taste after all. But, the waffles here were great, buttery and fluffy, its good to just eat it on its own!


Brioche French Toast (RM 22.00)
French toast with caramelized apples, popcorn, cream and maple syrup. 

Berries Waffles (RM 20.00)
What more can you ask for than waffles with fruits! This one comes with generous amount of mixed berries, caramelised walnut, toasted almond flake, cream & honey. Definitely my favourite of the day!

Picture worthy waffles :)

La Casa
Verve Shops, Mont Kiara,
G-5, Ground Floor,
No.8, Jalan Kiara 5.

Phone Number: 03-6211 8825
Facebook: Click here!

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