Monday 20 July 2015

Food: My Oak Bakery Cafe @ Ara Damansara

Ara Damansara is the latest happening area to chill or hang out and I've recently found a gem hidden within this area. My Oak Bakery & Cafe is nestled in the new and quieter side of Ara Damansara but, its definitely worth to pay a visit to this place. Read on to find out why I am absolutely in love with this cafe.

The whole shop is decorated beautifully and the moment you step in, you get this natural, calm feeling from all the greens around.

Some of the buns and pastries which are made fresh daily. By the way, their soft euro buns are a tad bit different from the usual ones you find in other bakeries.

Cakes and desserts for the sweet tooth!

So, we were served the bestsellers of their menu and you'll definitely be in for a surprise because their pastas are so unique here. You can expect a variety of pasta cooked in unthinkable or rather, a different style. 

Spicy Seafood Pasta (RM 18.80)
This plate of heavenly goodness is made from clams stock (vongole), giving it that orange-y appearance. So flavorful and fragrant and as I'm typing this, I'm craving for it again, that's just how yummy it is! There are prawns, fish fillet, clams, squid and mussels in this. Although, it is named as spicy seafood pasta as they've added some chilli flakes in it, it's pretty mild and doesn't exactly burn your throat. You can choose to have yours with more fiery oomph, just make a request for it.

Squid Ink Pasta (RM 18.80)
This popular item is the latest trend nowadays, and you can find this at most restaurants. However, this is my first time trying it because I genuinely wouldn't order this if given a choice. It looks like a glob of black pasta and definitely not that appetizing from the way it looks. Surprisingly, this was exceptionally good. The pasta, which is cooked al dente (firm to the bite) is made from squid ink purchased from a local supplier and believe it or not, they actually home made their pasta from scratch. You can also find tiny squids inside the pasta.

Matcha Chicken Burger (RM 15.80)
The unique part of this burger is its buns which are made from green tea. Its something I haven't seen before, considering the numerous amounts of cafe I've been to before. According to the chef, they chose green tea because the combination of both the colour and the smell goes well with the sesame seeds. 

Prawn Pink Sauce Fusili (RM 17.80)
A definite must try! One of the chef's creation which uses both tomato sauce and cooking cream to make the 'pink' sauce. Plus this is topped with generous amount of prawns, this is worth your every cent spent. The 'pink' sauce turns out to be very creamy and slightly sour, who knows that it would be such a perfect combination. A comfort food for me!

Just a note, you can choose different type of pasta fro different styles but whichever is stated in the menu is usually the best pairing.

Mixed Nuts Danish (RM 5.90)
This is what every Danish pastry should be like, savoury. light and flaky. 

Mixed Fruit Danish (RM 7.90)

Premium Butter Croissant (RM 7.90)
This golden, mouth watering croissant is huge and rich in butter! Its crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, absolutely scrumptious :)

Caramel Macchiato (RM 11.90)

Almond Bavarois (RM 16.00)
Made with premium almond pastry cream, topped with fresh blackberries and raspberries with almond crisp cookies, this dessert has a velvety, mousse-like texture to it. Using cracked almonds, they cook it in caramel to have a combination of sweetness and crunchiness. The ground almond biscuit which served as a topping is similar to macaroons but in minimal sugar.

What's a review without a picture? Teehee.

My Oak Bakery Cafe

 J-1-6 Level 1 Block J Pacific Place 
Jalan PJU 1A/4 Ara Damansara 
47301 Petaling Jaya

FB: Click here!
Phone Number : 016-229 1121

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