Monday 4 May 2015

Daily: Unpleasant & Horrible Experience @ Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain, Bercham,Perak


Last weekend, we headed down to Ipoh on a family food trip. We had a great time there but I feel the need to share a horrible experience which I personally encounter at one of the restaurant in Bercham, Perak. Bercham is a small town at the suburbs of Perak, just 40 minutes drive from Ipoh. 

So, it's unusual of me to blog about my terrible experiences at restaurants, be it the service or the quality of the food served. However, this time, it was so awful that I would like as much people to know about this place and to be warned before you head there. We were recommended to try out this Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain by one of my mom's close friend, apparently they had the freshest seafood cooked in really unique ways there. 

Before heading to the restaurant, we actually used Google Maps to locate the area and the comments as well as reviews which were written stated that the shop was 'Completely Closed'. We found it odd and double checked with a hawker by the road side if he knew whether it was still open for business. By the time we reached it was around 5.45 PM, just in time for dinner. We were shocked because there were more than half of the tables taken up already by that time. Later, we discovered that they opened at 4.30 PM, which explains the amount of people.

So, the usual, we found a table on the right side of the restaurant which is used to accommodate smaller groups of people. Bear in mind the restaurant is divided into two sections, with the left side having larger tables for 10 people. We sat and waited patiently for approximately 15 mins and I'm telling you, NO ONE, not a single soul came to take our order. So, my dad went to ask the cashier girl and she mentioned only the boss could take orders.

Hearing that, I quickly kept a lookout for the boss (a huge, bald headed man of about 50). As I was sitting facing the kitchen area, I waited for him to come out and quickly raised my hand to call him over. He was quite a distance so he just gave me a nod and looked away. Alright, so next, I thought he was gonna take a pen and paper to come over to our table.

Little did I know, he didn't bother coming to take the order, instead he went to the larger group areas to jot down their orders. Well, the worst part was that it was 3 to 4 tables who reached much, much later than us. Okay, I was annoyed at this point. Oh, so, I figured, there's favouritism going on here. According to my dad, this boss favours the larger tables because they obviously had more orders which equates to more earnings for him. Are you bloody serious?

So, I walked over and decided to stand behind him, waiting for him to finish taking the order. The below is the conversation. It was all in Cantonese and I've tried my best to translate word by word.

Me: Boss, can you please come over to our table to get our order? We have been waiting for a long time already.

Boss: What? You wanna eat or not? You tell me, do you wanna eat? *he was raising his voice already*

Me: Hello, obviously I want to eat, or else why would I come and ask you to take the order?

Boss: Okay, if you wanna eat, then you better go and sit down now. Right now. 

So bloody rude. The fact that he was raising his voice for the whole restaurant to hear our conversation is unbelievable and plain rude. Plus, he is probably suggesting that I'd better stay quiet or else, just leave. Honestly, he has a face you wanna just slap across, trust me. And, those who know me will know that I'm a very calm and patient person who doesn't have a bad temper. 

Obviously I walked across back to my seat and my dad scoffed at the rudeness of the bald headed man. Everyone was annoyed with the fact that he was so stuck up and arrogant while dealing with paying customers. Fine, we came all the way here anyway so, we waited for him to come over and surprisingly when he came over, he was all nice and sweet. 

It was totally fake when he said, 'Oh, leng lui (pretty girl), what would you like to order?'. Well, if you had that tad bit sense in you, bald headed man, do you think I still want to talk to you?

I ignored him and crossed my arms while my dad placed the order. Then, I decided I'm gonna blog about the stinking, filthy service here so that everyone will know of this. I went around to take many pictures around the restaurant and I made sure he saw me doing so. In fact, my parents and sister were also taking pictures as we are a family of bloggers after all. 

After the food were served, I guess he got paranoid cause we were snapping away. That's when he   came over and tried to explain.

Boss: So, leng lui (pretty girl), fast or not I served the food? Don't worry, here, I take the order one shot and put it in at the same time. So, its quite fast.

Me: ..... Hmm yeah good for you. *I was too annoyed to speak to him, honestly*.

Okay, so here's what we ate and the bill came up to RM 196 for four dishes. Pretty costly for the bad service they provide. Sorry I won't even bother explaining the food cause he ruined my mood to even talk about it now.

When we came back from Ipoh, my mum spoke to her friend who suggested this place and that aunty said that she had encounter this experience before too. Apparently, he will tell those people who don't have a table, 'If you wanna eat, then you wait. Either that, or else, just walk out, I don't care'.

Does it mean that if you have a good business, it gives you the green light to be rude to your customers? Basically, as ironic as it is, the name of the shop literally translates to 'Different Taste' in English. Well, I guess they were suggesting the unpalatable taste that you will get here. So, if you decide to eat at this place, bear in mind, avoid talking to the boss and just wait for him to come over because the service is rotten here. 

Or else, just don't go. There are so many other good food with the boss or staff being at least respectable to their customers. 

I suggest, not worth to lose your pride over this.

The boss in the picture right there. 

Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain
69, Persiaran Medan Bercham 2,
Pusat Bandar Baru Bercham,
31400, Ipoh.

Tel : 012-5128407 (Eng)


  1. Haha... TASTY food comes with a NASTY boss ! What a terrible experience that leaves a BITTER taste in your mind :-(

  2. The dishes taste normal only. Nothing to shout about. Media power is giving him overrated publicity. Very pricey food. Yes, service is lacking.

  3. hey,, I'm coming here for dinner tonight. Let's see how arrogant and rude that baldie would be. I'll for certain give this baldie a kick in the butt and a knuckle on his head if i sense any rudeness from him, rest assured!

  4. This kind of attitude is very apparent with chinese malaysian businesses which I feel is ridiculous bcs its your customers who make or break you in the first place. Word of mouth could ruin a business and today with the internet no business should play the fool with customers.

    By the way nice read. however,make sure you edit properly to make sure grammar is all good before hitting the post button. Your expression is fine. It's your grammar which could affect the beauty of your text.

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