Saturday 11 April 2015

Food: U Desserts @ IOI Boulevard, Puchong

Desserts are a must for some of us, even for me, I will probably feel incomplete without my dose of dessert after dinner. Just a few days ago, I was invited for a review at U Desserts which is nestled in the busy heart of Puchong, namely IOI Boulevard. I was rather skeptical though to have only desserts for dinner, little did I know that this little outlet actually goes way beyond dessert.

They have set meals here and they are value for money, especially with GST on the rise lately. I'm sure many of you will be scouting for places where you can get good and cheap food. Well, look no further as this is the place to be and to hang out after a busy day. With an all-in-one concept, U Desserts targets mainly family or young adults. Their motto is to keep it natural without preservatives and less sugar to encourage healthy eating.

Cosy and comfortable ambience, you'll feel relaxed and calm once you enter this restaurant :)

For those who prefer a couch to chill on, they do have some where you can just make yourself at home while enjoying some desserts.

GST here stands for Great Saving Treat and not the GST you were thinking of. Pretty good deals you can get here for a decent meal. 

Thai Grilled Chicken with Rice (RM 11.90)
We were recommended to try this out of the GST menu. Well, the chicken was crunchy and crispy, especially with the flavorful Thai chilli sauce drizzled over it. The set comes with fruits and iced lemon tea, definitely value for money!

BBQ Chicken Bun (RM 11.90)

Mango Fish Fillets Bun (RM 12.90)
Some of the chicken and fish with mango buns. A snack worth trying :) 

Grilled Chicken (RM 15.90)

They come in a choice of three sauces; Italian Mushroom Sauce, Thai Chilli Sauce and Black Pepper Sauce. My personal favourite would be the Italian Mushroom Sauce because it compliments the grilled chicken so well. And, the flavour is mild so it doesn't overwhelm the entire dish. 

Hor Fan in Mango Sago Sweet Soup (RM 10.80)
Their portion are recommended for sharing, trust me, even an avid mango lover like me can't finish this all by myself. I love the Hor Fan which is supposed to look like coconut strips but they aren't that actually. It has a very different texture and you either like it or hate it. For me, I absolutely love it although it would be best if it was slightly chewier.

Tofu Pudding with Mango & Pomelo (RM 7.80)
At first, I thought their tofu pudding is pretty tasteless. But, when coupled with fresh mangoes and pomelo, its a great combination. The pomelo isn't bitter as what most of you may expect it to be, so don't worry about trying this out.

Mango Chong Fan (RM 9.80)
Doesn't this reminds you of 'chee cheong fun'? The 'chong fan' has mango cubes inside and topped with some fresh mango puree to give you that ultimate mango experience. This is a unique, must try dessert if you're here :)

Durian Pancake (RM 9.80)
So soft and so fluffy! This durian pancake is heavenly, and best part is they use real durian and not some artificially flavoured ones you can find in commercial areas. The pancake layer is thin and this melts in your mouth!

Mango Pancake (RM 8.80)
A tropical burst of mango as you bite into this. Similar to the durian pancake, this is so smooth and rich with mango flavour!

Mango Rice Balls (RM 5.50)

Ice Blended Mango (RM 8.80)
This somehow tastes pretty similar to the mangoes dessert I've mentioned above. So, just try either one of it if you're an absolute mango fanatic like me.

U Desserts
G-19, Jalan Kenari 5, 
IOI Boulevard, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 
47170 Puchong, Selangor.

Opening Hours:
Sun - Thurs 12 PM -12 AM
Fri-Sat 12 PM - 1 AM

Tel : 03-80747332

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