Sunday 8 February 2015

Food: Foodlogy French Cuisine @ Viva Residency, Sentul

Modern French dining is a more casual way to enjoy French food and Foodlogy at Viva Residency, Sentul offers this type of cuisine. Here, they believe that good food begins with good ingredients. It's a place with comfortable ambience for you to have dinner with family of friends and even, gatherings or birthday parties. This place can cater to 50 pax with an extensive menu of approximately 30-40 items to choose from. 

Foodlogy day and night view with simple, classic interiors. There is a bar to serve you drinks and overall, the concept of this place is very homey. In fact, the cooks here are two ladies, Sandy and Lily who have learned how to cook from a French Chef for about half a year.

We were introduced to what they serve here by Sandy, and we tried out some of her recommendations and best sellers at Foodlogy.

Mandarin Orange Salad (RM 16.90)
In conjunction with Chinese New Year, this salad is served to usher in the festivities. Mini mandarin oranges, lettuce, onions, herb croutons, cherry tomatoes and beef bacon are in this bowl of goodness. Some Italian citrus dressing was poured over it before serving it to diners.

Potato Artichoke Salad (RM 18.90)
Instead of the usual cold served salad, this is a different version of your usual salads as this is made with warm hollandaise mustard sauce. The potatoes were half cooked, by boiling only for a short while to maintain its slightly hard texture. There were green peas, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, eggs, red onions, artichoke, lettuce and beef bacon in this as well.

Mushroom & Truffle Cream Soup (RM 18.90)
This mushroom cream mixed with truffle paste is delightful and a good start before the mains. It warms your tummy before the heavy meal and is quite thick and filled with mushroom flavours. I enjoyed the fragrance of truffles which enhanced the overall taste of the soup.

Chicken A-la Cream (RM 25.90)
This was served in small slices of chicken fillet instead of one whole large piece. Oh, for this you may opt for a choice of chicken fillet or chicken thigh. The sauce for the chicken is made from special, organic Dijon mustard and creamy mushroom to bring out the flavour from the chicken. Each of their mains here are served with sauteed carrots, salad and parmesan cheese crackers which are baked and made from scratch here.

Seafood Pasta in White Wine Reduction Sauce (RM 45.90)
The uniqueness of this pasta dish is the way the cook it using white wine reduction method. The white wine is boiled to a certain amount before tossing in the pasta. There were squids, pranws, scallops  and some cherry tomatoes included but the pasta was slightly tasteless if eaten on its own. Coupling the spaghetti with bites of scallops which are a tad bit salty would be the perfect combination.

Foodlogy Nasi (RM 18.90)
This seems like your typical nasi lemak but here, they choose to make the herb rice instead of the coconut milk rice used in the traditional nasi lemak. The herb rice is made using spices such as cinnamon, star anise and turmeric. I enjoyed the home made sambal very much and the crispy, fragrant fried chicken which is pre-marinated with spices and turmeric.

Duck Breast with Smoked Tea & Soya Sauce (RM 29.90)
This special duck dish was my favourite of the night. The duck breast meat is pan fried and baked for a duration of 20 minutes. Then the sauce which is a combination of 'Lapsang Souchong' Smoked Tea and soya sauce was poured over it and served. The smoky flavour and the slightly saltiness from the soy sauce was a great compliment to the juicy, tender duck breast.

The special 'Lapsang Souchong' Smoked Tea which can be purchased here!

Steak A-la Bleu (RM 59.90)
I like my steaks well done but here, they served it medium rare. It's quite icky to see it bloody but the way they made this with some extravagant blue cheese was perfect to cover up the smell. It was very juicy and tender, surprisingly to my liking. This dish weights a total of 200 g, a pretty generous portion compared to other places. However, not everyone out there will enjoy this blue cheese steak, especially because it requires an acquired taste to enjoy it.

Choux A-la Creme (RM 12.90)
This French pastry ball dessert served with some whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup is a sweet end to the heavy meal. The balls are crispy of the outside but soft on the inside once you take a bite. Something different and out of the norm, this is a definite must try for dessert lovers.

This place has only been opened for 2 months but they have already organised birthday parties here. So, if you're planning to host any events soon, give them a call for reservations! Or, maybe, you could celebrate Valentine's day with your loved one at this French restaurant too.

Foodlogy Restaurant
B-01 Viva Residency,
Jalan Suppiah Pillay,
Off Jalan Ipoh,
51200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-4050 4636
Daily: 11.00 AM - 10.00 PM


  1. Thanks to your post, we had a quiet and delicious and over-full wedding anniversary celebration here.

    1. You're welcome :) Hope you had a great night with your husband!