Saturday 4 October 2014

Food: Pretz & Beanz Cafe, Solaris Mont Kiara

Pretzels are my favourite snack of all time, so when I heard that there was a new kid of the block serving freshly made, oven baked pretzels, I knew I had to try them out myself. So, that's how I ended up at Pretz & Beanz Cafe, Solaris Mont Kiara. We had a little chat with the owner, Anna and she told us that they started from Chilla Cup. It is a competitive world for the food industry as more and more cafes are mushrooming around the city. Anyway, she was inspired to open up a cafe which is out of the norm serving pretzels and coffee, of course.

Look at the calm and chic interior of the cafe, this would definitely be a perfect hangout place after a long day at work. Or even, on the weekends, where you just want to relax and have a chat over a cup of coffee and pretzels :)

The pretzels served here comes in various type of flavours and some even have fillings.The waiting time is approximately 7 minutes as the pretzels are freshly made upon order. The latest, most unique invention is the pretzel pizza, the very first of its kind in Malaysia! Instead of pizza dough, the pretzel dough is used to make pizza. It's great for dining in or even for take away. This cafe is different from the rest and they serve many dishes and not just your regular pretzels and coffee, as the name may suggest!

So, I'm sure you guys are waiting for the food, here they are :)

Sweet Potato Filled Pretzel
The idea of using sweet potato came about because the area was frequent by Koreans whose staple are sweet potatoes. There is cheese on the top layer and sweet potatoes filling at the side of the pretzel. I love the combination of sweet and salty, this is a great snack for those who prefer to try something out of the norm. 

Basil Cheese Pretzel
I usually dislike herbs in my food but this wasn't too strong and I enjoyed this very much. The outsides were crispy and you could taste the cheese while the insides were so soft. I would recommend this to those who would prefer something lighter and this golden pretzels were indeed heavenly for snack time.

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel
This one's for the sweet tooth but for those who are health conscious, fret not. This isn't too sweet as you would imagine it to be. Cinnamon goes well with pretzels somehow and this variant is a common one you usually find outside. 

Hot Pepper Chilli Chicken Pretzel Pizza
I was bored of eating pizzas previously because it has become such a staple fast food in my family. However, you've got to try this pretzel pizza. It was generously topped with cheese and the dough is unlike your usual, hard, dry pizza dough. Pretzel dough is softer and even if they are kept for a long time, they wouldn't be too chewy and will still be maintained at the same texture. So, trust me, you can have many helpings of this pizza and not even feel extremely bloated from it.

Al Funghi Pretzel Pizza
This pretzel pizza is filled with mushrooms, capsicum and olives. There were tons of cheese topped on this pretzel pizza as you can see from the last picture! So much goodness on the softest pretzel dough, can you almost imagine how heavenly it is? :) In fact, the best part of this, is the crust of the pizza at the end.

Caramel Butter Thick Toast
Personally, I've never tried one of this before but I've seen it around in pictures. The sandwich bread is made in-house, so it is very fresh. The toast is slightly crispy and coupled with the caramel butter and some whipped cream, this is the best comfort food after a tiring long day. Or, perhaps you could have this as dessert after a meal :)

Spicy Seafood Pasta
This plate of goodness is a fusion between Malaysian and Italian cuisine. The pasta is cooked with 'sambal' and therefore, it has that distinct, sour flavour which will tingle your tastebuds. It is perfect for those who would still opt for some Malaysian food at this cafe. The serving is quite huge so it would be best for sharing and there were a lot of seafood (prawns, squid and clams) in this as well.

Dory Fish Sour Cream Pasta
This pasta was very cheesy but it's quite different from your carbonara. This was a slightly drier version. I liked the dory fish which was lightly grilled and wasn't oily at all. 

Royale Salmon Egg Benedict
I love eggs and any dish with eggs are my favourite. This luscious looking poached eggs wrapped with salmon were perfection. There were a total of 10 slices of  fresh salmon and I thought that for the price, it was worth every single cent i'm spending on this.

Some of the coffee served, but too bad I can't drink especially at night or else I'll have insomnia. Here's a brief background of their coffee for those caffeine lovers: Arabica coffee is used and they are roasted in small quantity so that they are more even and thus, the great consistency in every cup. The temperature of each cup is at 60 Celsius because if the temperature of the coffee is too high, the sweetness from the milk will be lost.

Keep Fit Healthy Juice
Here's my special concoction of apple, celery, cucumber and carrot. Pretty healthy, because I was still having a cold at that time. This is quite refreshing and will definitely awake your senses. Great on a hot day :)

So, that's all from Pretz & Beanz, I will definitely be going back because the price of the food here is reasonable and their quality is top notch. Their staff are friendly and welcoming, it's a thumbs up from me for this newly discovered cafe :)

Here's the address and details for you guys who plan to head over:

Pretz & Beanz
No 22 Ground Floor
Jalan Solaris 4
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Number : 03-6204 9733
Operating Hours : Weekdays (7.30 AM - 12 AM)
                              Weekends (7.30 AM - 1 AM)

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