Saturday 11 January 2014

Food Review: Plus One Shabu Shabu @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

I’ve been caught up with so many going on lately that I missed out on many food reviews session. So, yesterday, I headed over to the first ever ‘shabu-shabu’ restaurant in Malaysia to try out their unique sets and broth. Plus One Shabu Shabu Restaurant is strategically located in the food heaven of Puchong, the famous Bandar Puteri area. It was just a mere 20 minute drive from my place and it wasn’t as jammed as I imagined it to be.

Anyway, we reached on time and we were seated in their luxurious VIP room. I liked the concept of the restaurant which was not too classy, but rather more chic and comfortable. Everyone had their individual pots so we could all try out different broths respectively. The recommended ones are definitely the ‘Pepper Pork Broth’ which was what I’ve chosen while the ‘Thai Tomyum’ would be a splendid choice as well. The ‘Pepper Pork Broth’ was actually pretty mild and it was just the way I liked it because I’ve heard that if it was too strong, it can be extremely heaty. Flavorful with a little peppery taste, it’s definitely a perfect broth for steamboat. For those who want a more stronger concoction, go for the ‘Thai Tomyum’ one because even the broth itself is sure to tingle your tastebuds.

Pepper Pork Broth

There were a variety of sets to choose from and mine was the New Zealand Rib Eye Set. The set came with a generous serving of sliced beef and a separate plate of the usual steamboat items (fishball, yee mee, vegetables etc.) Without a doubt, this is definitely the freshest beef I’ve ever eaten for steamboats. They were so thinly sliced that you could taste the juiciness or rather, sweetness of the beef itself. Well, just bear in mind not to overcook it such that its taste is lost in the soup itself.

Apart from the steamboat items, there were special dishes which was served ala-carte. 

Black Pearl (HK Century Egg) 
The eggs are imported and even its ginger is said to be imported as well. The runny yolky part was smooth and definitely different from our usual local ones. I liked the pungent smell and taste of this dish, especially when eaten together with the preserved ginger. 

Deep Fried HK Fish Skin
It was crispy but too oily for me. The health freak part of me felt like using paper towels to absorb all the oil before popping it into my mouth. Despite tasting better than your usual ‘keropok’, I don’t see why I would ever pay for this dish. 

Three Seasons Meat Ball
The meatballs which was to be eaten in the steamboat was obviously better than your usual meatballs. They were generously filled with meat and I liked the texture which was not too bouncy but savoury.

Well, that’s all about it. I personally liked the restaurant style of having so many different broths to choose from and even their sets are of such great variety. It was unique and different, I’d probably return for a meal someday.

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