Thursday 19 December 2013

Food Review: Bonbori Japanese Cuisine @ Setiawalk, Puchong

This is an extremely delayed blog post. Well, I have to blame my end year exams which I was busy preparing therefore, the lack of activeness in food reviews.

Anyway, this post will be on Bonbori Japanese cuisine which undoubtedly remains as one of the best Japanese restaurants I've ever been to so far. From the freshness of their sashimi to the taste of their dishes, I honestly felt that they were all suitable to my palate.

So, here's what I would highly recommend for you guys to try!

Hanami Sashimi Moriawase
The freshness of the sashimi is incomparable to other places I've been before. I personally thought that the chef sliced it too thick though because I'd prefer it bite size. However, according to others, it is a rule of the the Japanese kitchen that the sashimi should be knifed in a certain size and it is a skill that each sashimi chef had to gain.

Shirauo Karaage
Perfect appetiser! Crispy but does not get soggy, this dish of fried mini-sized fish is so addictive. It felt a little like eating fries, but it has a slight bouncy feeling to it.

Ebi Cheese
For those cheese lovers out there, this will be the best choice. I loved this because the cheesiness was just right, not too overwhelming as to ruin the original taste of the dish itself. Fragrant but not overpowering, definitely a yay!

Bacon Asparagus Kushiyaki
Too much vegetables for me, actually. But this had a very authentic kebab feel to it since it was on a stick. The bacon was grilled to perfection though and as much as I disliked vegetables, the asparagus was so crunchy and maybe, it wasn't so bad after all.

Soft Shell Crab Maki
I have my own preferred version of this maki and I guess Bonbori's is really good. Unlike other restaurants, their soft shell crab was not wrapped inside but instead, it was proudly sticking out at the top. I prefer it this way because at least, I could taste the soft shell crab.

Surume Ikashio (Grilled Squid)
Yummy and fragrant! This dish had a very strong smoked smell to it, so it's either you like it or hate it. For me, I loved it because it was very chewy but not too tough. Previously, I had a bad experience with this dish where the squid was so hard that I had to chew it until I got a headache before I could swallow it. However, well done for Bonbori for getting the right texture and taste for this :)

This concludes my gastronomical adventure at Bonbori. Their service is exceptional by the way and the ambience is perfect for a family night out :)

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