Friday 16 April 2010


Dear baby,

I've been really busy lately and have neglected you. The immense pressure and stress due to exams are killing me, literally. The dedication and the constant need to fulfil certain requirements is changing me. Not in a terrible way, but a positive way.

So, why am I still complaining? Basically, I don't even know the answer to that.
Feel free to leave, no hard feelings.

Most will say, cheer up kid with a smile on their face. Yes, I know. But, do you really have to do that? You make me feel immature, but really, is IT me or YOU that has been immature all along? What is wrong with you? DO you honestly believe that it was nothing? Have I been wasting my time on you or have you been wasting your precious time on me? Can't you see that I have done all I could to save it? I would appreciate it if you could answer those. But honestly, I don't care because none of that matters anymore.

I'm back. There is nothing you can do about that. =) "cheer up, kid"

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