Sunday 14 February 2010

Side effects?

Yes, it's the first day of Chinese New Year. I know, everyone is having fun while I sit right in front of my (beloved) computer blogging. I'm not complaining or explaining how pathetic this is. I've discovered recently that I like moving around a lot. In short, life in the fast lane. I can't stand idling around or taking short Sunday strolls because they bore me. I think this is very ridiculous. Yes, I'm very traditional but sometimes, traditions may get a little out of hand. It's really all in the head. I'm not suggesting we should go all out banning traditions because as I said earlier, I love traditions. I want to have wonderful reunion dinners and visit the temple to usher in the New Year right after the dinner. I've learnt to rejoice in simple things and be grateful for everything I have. I may be missing something so badly right now, but since I'm left with nothing but memories, I'm going to wait patiently for next year to arrive. I know it will, sooner or later. Right now, we'll make it through no matter what. Fight or kill, we'll still make it through, right, K? How did this become such a violent post when it started with me being emotional? I'm off to have dinner with family friends, I've decided, my Chinese New Year just started.

I'm dreaming, wake up.

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