Friday 18 December 2009

Sabrina and Dr Radzli's Wedding Reception. =)

You know what, I forgot to post. I'm not old, but remember what i said on productivity? Yeah, so basically, that was what i was trying to do. Fight the urge to do something I practically can't live without. Yeah, you guessed right.

Sabrina and Dr Radzli's Wedding Reception!

Mia and I!

Syira and I!

Guess where we were! =)

Don't ask.

I'm getting married? Not so fast.

I really love this. Don't ask why, you should know.

From where I sit, this is what you get. Awesome picture though. =)

And just to think I was unlucky, I got this picture!

The celebrated couple. =)

The end.
When will it ever be my turn?

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